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About Vector Nidhi Software

Our Nidhi Software is one of the most User Friendly and Easy to Use. Our solutions for Nidhi companies are recognized for their speed, security, and accuracy. Strong Domain Knowledge helps our customers with accurate and quick solutions.  Clients considered this Nidhi Software the best software for a Nidhi company in terms of usability and security. Our transparent and competitive pricing plans for online Nidhi software are designed to accommodate businesses of all sizes, providing a cost-effective and practical solution.

Why Vector Nidhi Software?

Vector Nidhi Software solution provides scalable and customizable solutions that prioritize compliance, security, and customer support it is the ideal choice for Nidhi enterprises.

Simple & Affordable Pricing
Specially made for Nidhi Companies
Customizable for your needs
Nidhi Company Software

Experience peace of mind with India’s premier, cost-effective Nidhi Software, expertly crafted by Nidhi specialists for effortless and secure company management, all at the best price.

Microfinance Company Software

Unlock the power of top-tier loan and accounting features with our secure Microfinance Software, crafted using cutting-edge technology for seamless online operations.

Chit Fund & Cooperative Society Software

Discover the convenience and security of our online Chit Fund and Credit Cooperative Society Software, featuring powerful online capabilities and password protection to ensure enhanced security.

Customer/Member Master

The Member Master centralizes and organizes customer/member data, simplifying management, access, and updates while ensuring compliance with Nidhi regulations.

Share Management

Easily oversee share-related operations and transactions with our accounting Nidhi Software’s Share Management module, ensuring seamless management and accurate tracking of shares.

Savings Module

Manage savings accounts with adjustable interest rates, automated statements, and real-time reporting. This module offers a user-friendly way to handle all types of savings deposits.

Fixed Deposit (FD)

Easily Set up fixed deposit schemes with adjustable rates, flexible terms, and automated renewals to attract and retain members with secure investment options.

Cumulative Deposit (CD)

Our CD module allows interest to accumulate over time, providing a substantial payout upon maturity.

Re-investment Deposit (RID)

The RID module allows members to contribute regularly, promoting a consistent savings habit.

Recurring Deposit

Our RD module enables members to make fixed monthly deposits, encouraging disciplined savings.

Jewel Loan

Offers loans against Gold, simplifying appraisal, processing, and repayment tracking for quick and efficient loan services.

Loan against Deposit

Offers loans secured by members’ fixed deposits, featuring automated loan-to-value calculations, interest accrual, and a structured repayment schedule.

Email/SMS Integration

Stay connected with integrated email and SMS, allowing you to send your members automated notifications, account statements, and reminders.

Customer Mobile App

Our customer mobile app allows your members to access their accounts with ease, providing seamless connectivity and convenient banking options.

Reporting and Security

Generate detailed reports for compliance and audits while safeguarding member data with robust encryption and secure storage.

Why Choose Us

Choosing our Nidhi software solution brings multiple benefits to your Nidhi company:

Safe & Secure

Our online Nidhi software offers advanced encryption and secure storage to protect member data.

Low Cost

We provide comprehensive features at a competitive price, offering great value.

Legal Compliance

We ensure your operations align with regulatory requirements, keeping you compliant.

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